How to make potty training multiple toddlers easier

Yes I know that potty training is a challenge for most parents. It definitely was for me.

Potty training just one child is tough, think about potty training twins or multiple toddlers at the same time. If you’re not organized properly it will be chaos.

So in this post I’m going to share a couple of things you should probably take in consideration if you’re thinking of starting potty training your toddlers. Doesn’t matter if you have 2 children, 3 children or more.

First things first. Get each child his own potty chair. Some parents think it’s a good idea for children to share the potty but sooner or later you’ll find yourself in the situation that both kids need to go at the same time. That’s why having a potty for each is important.

When it comes to the actual potty training, in the long run it will be easier if you potty train all your toddlers at the same time. This takes in consideration the positive peer pressure.

Siblings have a natural trend to imitate each other so if one child progresses, the others will eventually follow along. This speeds up the training very much.

As a sidenote, one of the best way to potty train a boy to pee standing up is to let daddy show him how it’s done. Kids and especially boys like to do things that they see their dad doing so why not take advantage of that, right?

Another thing you need to think about is the rewards you’re going to use.

It’s not as simple as when you’re potty training just one child.

Some siblings don’t react very well when just their brother or sister gets rewarded, even if they don’t necessarily deserve a reward yet.

A very good idea is to use rewards that would involve all your kids not just the one that normally would deserve it. Something like a dance or a potty song or even a potty game you can play when one child has successfully used the potty.

If you take my advice and you’re going to potty train all your children at the same time you should also know that in order for you to be able to do that you’ll also have to synchronise their schedule.

If they eat, drink and sleep at the same time, it’s most likely they’ll also need to use the potty at the same time. This is even more important when it comes to potty training at night, when bedwetting accidents are very common in the beginning.

I’m sure you’ve already heard about a potty training method that get’s your kids potty trained in 3 days or even less. I know some friends who’ve used this method and they said it did work but it’s that easy. You need to be very organized and have everything prepared in advance.

Here’s a video about the 3 day potty training routine:

I guess that’s about it for now. But don’t worry I’m going to do a follow up post on potty training and maybe other parenting topics in the very near future. Keep an eye on the blog.

Bosch si Beko: Masini de spalat vase incorporabile ieftine

masini-de-spalat-vase-bosch-bekoCand vine vorba de masini de spalat vase, intre Bosch si Beko se pare ca sa instalat o rivalitate. Nu intre companii ci intre cumparatori. Ambii producatori au modele foarte bune, la preturi acceptabile, insa daca ar fi sa dau un verdict strict din propria mea experienta (am avut si masina de spalat vase Beko si Bosch), totusi cred ca Bosch sunt superioare.

Sigur ca asta nu inseamna ca masina de spalat vase Bosch este mai buna din toate punctele de vedere decat un model Beko, insa per total, dotarile Bosch sunt mai bune din punct de vedere calitativ.

Insa in acest articol nu o sa-ti vorbesc doar de o masina de spalat vase Bosch ieftina, ci o sa iti prezint si modele de la Beko, nu vreau sa supar pe nimeni sau sa credeti ca eu numa Bosch cumpar.

O sa incep totusi cu modelul Bosch SMV50E60EU care este unul dintre cele mai apreciate modele de masini de spalat vase incorporabile si faptul ca se vinde asa bine se datoreaza in principal raportului calitate/pret foarte bun.

Am gasit si un video care iti ofera o demonstratie:

E o masina de spalat vase cu o capacitate de 12 seturi si 5 programe de spalare. Ce imi place mie personal foarte mult la aceasta masina de spalat este AquaSensor-ul, un senzor care detecteaza nivelul de murdarie al vaselor si regleaza astfel cantitatea de apa, detergent si timpul de functionare. Te ajuta foarte mult sa faci economie atat de apa, de detergent cat si de energie electrica.

Cum ziceam, sunt foarte practice si foarte inteligent contruite masinile de spalat vase Bosch. Imi place ca incarcarea este simpla si nu trebuie sa te chinui deloc.

Consumul anual de apa, in medie este de 3360 L, insa daca ai sta sa socotesti cata apa consumi spaland vasele la chiuveta te-ai speria de cata apa defapt irosesti. Nu mai punem la socoteala timpul pierdut.

Zicem ceva si de Beko, sau te-am convins cu Bosch-ul?

Hai sa vedem totusi si o masina de spalat vase Beko incorporabila care sa corespunda cerintelor de pret si de calitate.

Un model care mi se pare foarte bun de la Beko, ca si dotari si ca si pret este Beko DFN16210W. Am zis mai sus ca o sa-ti prezint o masina de spalat incorporabila insa acest model defapt nu este incorporabil. Dar nu conteaza acum, fiindca e un model foarte performant care vine la un pret usor accesibil. Ultima oara cand am verificat pe net, pretul la aceasta masina de spalat era in jur de 1200 – 1300 de lei, insa ce-ti recomand e sa mai astepti putin ca urmeaza reduceriile de preturi de sfarsit de an.

Ca si specificatii de baza este foarte asemanatoare cu modelul Bosch, capacitate de 12 seturi, 6 programe de spalare.

Ca si aspect, acesta este simplu, practic fara prea multe butoane si ecrane si asa mai departe. E o masina de spalat vase care arata foarte bine in orice bucatarie si se integreaza excelent cu orice tip de mobila. Apropo, inaine sa nu uit, daca vrei mai multe recomandari si pareri despre masini de spalat, rufe, vase, nu conteaza, cel mai bun site despre masini de spalat este Iti recomand sa intri prima oara acolo inainte sa dai banii pe o masina de spalat.

Mai vrei?

Eu zic ca ajunge pentru moment. Am ceva pregatit pentru saptamana viitoare, asa ca daca inca nu te-ai abonat la blog iti sugerez sa o faci chiar acum si o sa fi anuntat de fiecare data cand public un nou articol. Peace.

4 Snoring Health Risks You Should Be Aware Of

snoring health issuesIf you think that the worst thing about snoring is that it’s keeping everybody else up at time, you don’t know how wrong you are.

Sleep apnea is linked to very serious health risks and it should not be ignored.

First of all you need to be aware that snoring is tied to cardiovascular issues like high blood pressure and even coronary artery disease which can often times lead to heart attacks. As a side effect of this there is also a strong possibility that you’ll start to develop varicose veins. Although those can be treated with creams or surgery, the more serious problems are fatal. Talking about varicose veins treatments I just want to mention Venorex which is one of the best natural treatments for varicose and spider veins. You can see a Venorex cream review in the video below.

But back to our topic now…

GERD or Gastroesophageal reflux disease is often noticed at people with serious snoring problems. Sleep apnea as well as GERD are linked to being overweight. The best way to fight these problems is to start a weight loss plan.

If you don’t know what GERD does to you, because of the way your throat closes while air is moving through it, the pressure changes can suck contents out of your stomach and take them up your throat.

One way to take control of your snoring problem, probably one of the most convenient solutions and easy to implement is to use a mouthguard at night. I’ve never had a snoring problem but I know my brother struggled with this for a while and I remember telling me about the Zyppah stop snoring device, which is a mouthpiece you wear at night and it helps you with your snoring problem.

As always I also have a video for this too:

Arrhythmias which is yet another heart problem caused by sleep apnea and it’s very frequent with people who’ve suffered from snoring for longer periods of time. The most common type of arrhythmia people with snoring problems suffer from is atrial fribrillation.

As I said snoring is not something to take lightly. It’s a very serious health problem and it affects not just your life but the also the people around you. One of the most obvious risks of sleep apnea is sleepiness during the day.

Because you don’t get a good rest at night a lot of times you wake up exhausted and you can risk falling asleep while driving which is probably the worst time to fall asleep.

Another effect caused by lack of sleep is crankiness which can evolve into a depression if left unchecked.

Well I hope I haven’t scared you too much, but if you’re in this situation don’t wait too long, in fact don’t wait at all. Like I said the most convenient solution is to go out and get an oral device which can help control your snoring. Of course you should also go see a doctor which can give you the best advice possible.

Rowing Machines VS Ellipticals – Best Low Impact Workout?

rowing machine or elliptical trainersI enjoy working out, mostly strength training. But ever since I had my bicycle accident when I injured my left knee, I couldn’t find any type of workout that would be intense enough without having to suffer knee pain.

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about rowing machines and ellipticals that they’re great if you want a pain free cardio workout.

My gym has both but most of the time I go on the elliptical machine, I think for me it’s best because I like an exercise routine where I’m standing in a vertical position. I eventually did try the rowing machine too, and I can tell it gives less pain than the elliptical.

I think it’s a Concept 2 rowing machine. It felt great, I mean the machine was really getting my heart going and when I got off of it I didn’t feel that pain in my knees and hips that I usually felt after an elliptical machine workout. More information on this type of fitness machine:

I’ve heard a lot about this model, most people say that it’s the best rowing machine you can buy, and it’s under $1000. I would like to get a cardio machine for my home but I’m still not sure if I should get a rower or an elliptical.

Yes rowing machine workouts I believe have more benefits, but the machine takes so much space and I don’t think I would have much room for it.

On the other hand, an elliptical would take less space and it’s a bit more compact in my oppinion. Like I said though, I get a bit of knee pain right after I get off the machine.

I found some information, it mostly says that the best elliptical machine should be heavy, should have a monitor display which gives accurate feedback on your workout and general fitness level.


I talked with some friends of mine and I think I’m going to go for the rowing machine in the end. I’ll just have to find room for it somewhere in the house, but the workout you get from it is worth the trouble. I found very detailed rowing machine reviews on and decided to get the Concept2. It’s a bit expensive but I think it provides you with a lot of value for the price.

Anyway I hope this post helped you instead of confusing you more. Have great workout. Cheers.